MASC is a second phone number app for those who want to keep their real phone number private.

Call, text and send picture messages using a separate number.

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MASC Top Features

Multiple Phone Numbers On One Phone

  • Pick a free 2nd phone number in the U.S. area code of your choice
  • Make and receive private phone calls
  • Unlimited SMS text messaging
  • Full MMS picture messaging : send, receive and save photos
  • Assign contacts and favorites
  • Voicemail with customized audio greetings
  • Send calls to voicemail on nights, weekends or holidays


  • People you call only see your MASC phone number in their caller ID
  • Incoming calls to MASC phone numbers are privately routed to your cell phone
  • Delete call history at any time inside MASC

MASC Remembers Everything

MASC is a fully-featured intelligent communication service which allows for additional phone numbers, customized contact profiles, independent call greetings and much more.

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MASC Is Secure

MASC is dedicated to your privacy and the security of your data. All text messages, audio message files, photos, and emails implement FIPS-140-2 certified 4096 bit RSA cryptography and AES256-GCM (the latest AES version or “mode”). The encryption is so robust that the National Security Agency (NSA) recommends it for the protection of government and military classified information. AES256-GCM is permitted to encrypt sensitive data classified as “TOP-SECRET” – the highest classification level possible.

Using MASC

MASC was designed for everyday situations. Perfect for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Create a real second phone number for business, personal use or for buying and selling online.

  • Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Small Business Owners
  • High-profile Celebrities, Athletes and Politicians
  • eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo and Amazon
  • Tinder, Match, eHarmony, Zoosk and OurTime
  • Team Moms, Team Dads, Team Coaches and more

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