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What is MASC?
MASC is a communication service that allow you to call and text using additional phone numbers on your smartphone. The MASC app keeps your calls, texts, photos, emails and contacts private while leaving your phone number protected.

How Does Calling with MASC Work?
MASC is an app on your smartphone that does not touch any of your “real” phone data (Contacts, Call History and Messages). Only our MASC Operator phone number will ever appear in your phone's actual call history. When you receive a call to any of your MASC phone numbers the MASC Operator looks at the incoming phone number to determine how you want to handle the call. It also determines how to handle the call if you have any special rules based upon the phone number or contact settings. The MASC Operator connects you based upon your settings. It will either send it through for you to answer, it will announce the caller’s phone or contact name allowing you to accept or decline the call, or it will automatically send it to voicemail. It’s like having your own receptionist who knows exactly how you like to be contacted.

Can I Add More Than One Additional Phone Number?
With our MASC Pro app you can potentially have unlimited phone numbers to use. You can add and remove them at any time; including keeping them active but out of circulation. It takes less than 10 seconds to acquire a new MASC phone number. All MASC phone numbers are SMS and MMS enabled allowing you to send full text photos. Each number has its own profile that is color coded and allows you to set the call handling rules and customize the audio message greetings. These settings can be fine-tuned down to the contact level, which includes individual blocking of calls, texts, and emails; and the delivery of a custom audio message. This is especially useful when you are expecting a very important call from a client, starting or ending a relationship or selling something online with Craigslist, Backpage, or eBay. MASC remembers what phone number and profile a contact used to call or text into so that it will use that same profile when you communicate back.

Why use MASC?
Whether it’s an important client or a new date, you want to give out your phone number but you may not want to give away your real phone number. Most of our world revolves our mobile phone number, so changing that number creates a lot of other complications. With MASC, you can add and drop phone numbers in seconds. And, our advanced technology lets you specify exactly how a call is handled by the number profile OR by the individual contact, so certain calls can be directed to a customized audio message, and others immediately ring straight to your phone.

Who uses MASC?
Anybody who wants to keep their business, personal, social or dating communications private on their phone. Before MASC, this would have required separate pre-paid mobile phones to ensure privacy. Doctors, lawyers, service professionals, celebrities, and professional athletes use MASC. Backpage, Craigslist, and eBay sellers can all find use for MASC.

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