MASC Features

Fast Account Creation

  • 1 minute setup
  • Select phone numbers by area code or zip code

MASC Hub - Single Source for Calls, Texts and Emails

  • One inbox for calling, texting and email
  • Color-coded number profiles to easily identify what MASC number was used (Pro)
  • Instant access to contact information
  • Add contact at any time or update existing contact
  • All communication kept in single thread
  • Easily delete communications
  • Instant communication action to call, text, or email a contact
  • Icons indicate type and direction of communications

Fully Secured and Protected

  • Incoming and outgoing calls never appear in your phone call history
  • Text messages (SMS and MMS) never appear in any of your phone's messaging applications
  • Emails are handled completely within MASC and are not accessible from any outside source
  • Keep photos private to your MASC gallery only and are not accessible from any other program
  • PIN security for added MASC application privacy
  • Wipe data at any time from phone
  • MASC utilizes 4096 bit RSA cryptography and AES256-GCM technology
  • Secure password recovery

Flexible Calling

  • Full featured dialer
  • Select outgoing MASC profile number when not calling a contact (Pro)
  • Quick contact selection
  • Incoming calls show caller ID or contact Info on your phone
  • Smart Number technology automatically uses the contact profile telephone number

Flexible Messaging

  • Full SMS/MMS capability
  • Supports emoji
  • Works with new iOS reactions
  • Attach photos from camera, phone gallery or MASC private gallery
  • Group messages are treated like INDIVIDUAL messages creating multiple individual threads

Flexible Email

  • Select a private MASC email from multiple domains
  • Messages are secure and private inside MASC
  • Supports attachments
  • Email cannot be accessed from outside of the MASC app


  • Private alerts without revealing any information
  • Badge indicators for quick viewing of new communications in MASC Hub
  • Instant ability to set Do Not Disturb mode with single click

Unlimited MASC Number Profiles (Pro)

  • Add unlimited phone numbers by area code or zip code
  • Delete a phone number at any time
  • Quickly switch default profile (Pro)
  • Automatically uses default profile to make new calls NOT in contact list (Pro)
  • MASC remembers the originating pProfile for every phone number so you don’t have to (Pro)
  • Color-coded header in MASC Hub to display current profile (Pro)
  • Name your profile to quickly identify (Pro)
  • Color-code profiled for quick identification in the MASC Hub (Pro)
  • Each profile has individual call settings (Pro)
  • Call screening
  • Don’t Screen Call – immediately rings your MASC number
  • Always send to voicemail
  • Select Greeting – customize voice mail for each profile


  • Easily mark Favorites
  • Call, message, or email from contact window
  • Add multiple phone numbers and email addresses to contact record
  • Customize contact photo from phone gallery, camera, MASC gallery, or private avatar gallery
  • Select call handling from the contact level (Screen, Don't Screen, Always send to Voice Mail)
  • Set customized audio greeting at the contact level
  • Create a new audio greeting from contact screen
  • Change default MASC profile number to use (Pro)
  • Smart Number technology remembers what originating MASC number was used to contact you
  • Blocking - calls, texts or email
  • Block all with a single click
  • Override Do Not Disturb mode (DND) for special contacts
  • Contact import from your phone Contacts

Photo Gallery

  • Import from phone gallery
  • Private MASC gallery not accessible from phone gallery

Audio Message Greetings

  • Unlimited audio greetings
  • Record in real-time phone
  • Set at profile or contact level

Flexible System Settings

  • Secure personal information with customizable person photo
  • Add or change your MASC email at any time
  • Add and drop new MASC profile numbers
  • Turn on or off notifications
  • Reset data at any time

Help and Customer Service

  • Help available from every screen
  • FAQ to answer all your MASC questions
  • QuickStart video tutorials for specific Social, Business, and Online Selling applications
  • FREE VIP MASC customer service included with all subscriptions
  • Live chat available from website
  • Email support with 24 hour guaranteed response
  • Text MASC support from inside MASC Hub
  • Automated MASCBOT with helpful tips

MASC Is Secure

MASC is dedicated to your privacy and the security of your data. All text messages, audio message files, photos, and emails implement FIPS-140-2 certified 4096 bit RSA cryptography and AES256-GCM (the latest AES version or “mode”). The encryption is so robust that the National Security Agency (NSA) recommends it for the protection of government and military classified information. AES256-GCM is permitted to encrypt sensitive data classified as “TOP-SECRET” – the highest classification level possible.